roberta mathes

THE MATHES TECHNIQUE: “the body in dialogue”
roberta, firm believer in the simonson technique and owning her extensive experience using it, frequently relies on that knowledge as an adjunct to her own method.
the mathes technique

  •  a total body warm up with an organic flow – the movement must feel anatomically correct, whatever correct is for that individual’s body.”anatomically intelligent and somatically aware -each student is unique and operates within individual musculoskeletal parameters”  as stated by lynn simonson.
  •  injury prevention for all dancers – dancers learn to retrain to eliminate bad habits. proper hip placement & use of natural turnout is essential, knowing each dancer is unique & bodies are NOT symmetrical. deep stretching exercises reinforce lengthening of hamstrings to avoid gripping thigh muscles.
  •  body alignment – dancers become aware of hyperextension. by elongating the spine & engaging core muscles groups, from which all movement originates. dancers learn proper alignment of the torso, creating one plane from the top of the head, shoulders, ribcage, to hips, knees & feet.
  • (no tucking or arching). those dancers who are “ hyper” mobile in knees gain inner leg and thigh strength.
  • improves balance & control – dancers improve stability & expand  range of motion in muscles & joints. dancers are taught to use resistance, inner thigh muscles, shift of weight & proper transitions to improve fluidity of movement. 
  • strengthens lower abdominal muscles – dancers learn to engage core muscles through an extensive repertoire of round- downs, round-ups, arch drops, & contract/release exercises incorporating the use of breathe, inhaling on round downs and releases while exhaling on round-ups and contractions.
  • lengthens & tones muscles – a traditional series of intense floor work – deep stretching exercises, flat backs, contract/release movements, inner thigh reinforcement, round ups, sit ups, push ups- along with added yoga postures are used to build  a dancer’s core strength while lengthening muscles.
  • develops co-ordination and use of musicality – by  juxtaposing movement & body isolations dancers begin to fuse body and mind while sustaining technique and learning to draw on musicality.
  •  increases longevity in dance – the mathes technique is an exceptional training system for all dancers of any age, level, and ability. no matter the type of dancer, professional or advanced beginner, will rid bad habits, improve technique, refine movement and expand abilities!

there is a thread in roberta’s TECHNIQUE; everything in her.

her warm up is a prelude to her distinctive and timeless choreography. roberta brings out the DANCE within each student.

COME to roberta’s classes and experience “the mathes technique.”

check her schedule at beyondDANCE @ bergenPAC, in Englewood, NJ and at Steps On Broadway in NYC  for details, dates and times.


“plies go up”

“releves go down”

“relax your feet“

“don’t force turnout”

“keep hips square”

“flat back- one line from the top of the head to the tail bone”

lengthen lengthen lengthen

“beware of hyperextension”

“pull up & use your abdominal muscles- lengthen your waist”

“deepen the contraction: shoulders over your knees”

“don’t grip thighs”

“use those isolations”

“EMOTE smile and just DANCE”