roberta mathes

roberta’s choreography is like no other.
she stands above the rest, she's one of a kind.  
her approach is simple, yet detailed, precise and fierce.
her style is earthy and soulful.

"if i had to pick one word to describe roberta mathes: PASSION.  her passion vividly radiates through each movement. she leaves a bit of herself in every piece she creates.”
- ashley torres

roberta’s devotion to her craft serves as a magnet for students and audiences alike. each of her finished pieces tell a story through a blend of dance genres with a touch of torso undulations, deep contractions, extensions and athletic floor work.
one never forgets a "roberta mathes” combination.

roberta is now offering exclusive choreography for college programs, television and film productions, music videos, industrials, corporate events and dance companies. individuals can contact roberta for solos, duets, trios and studio consultations.

to hire roberta, call 201.394.8336.

feel the vibe of the videos to the right which feature the expressive work of ms.mathes.