roberta mathes

a higher love for roberta mathes

born and trained in NYC, this experienced maven is standing-ovation-worthy. from performer to choreographer, the distinguished roberta mathes exudes a dynamic personality and unique style that ignites and inspires hundreds of receptive students and cutting-edge visuals for audiences.

roberta’s parents, who fled nazi germany, did not encourage her to be a dancer. a learning disability as a child, a weight problem as a young adult, minor surgeries and a hip replacement later in life, could have additionally been impediments but today, she reigns as a role model. in fact, she can out "grande battement" most of her students.

as a child roberta could never sit still. her parents enrolled her at the don baldwin school of dance in upper manhattan but when she decided to have a career in dance roberta retrained at joffrey ballet and american ballet theatre. thereafter, roberta graduated with a B.A in dance from Adelphi University and began to teach directly after college. her career blossomed as a performing artist as well first in local ballet and modern companies and afterward on television, music videos and in feature films. she even performed in morocco for king hussein. roberta has always been in the limelight. she co-directed a dance school for 13 years and currently directs the dance program at bergenPAC in englewood, nj. she has been on the roster at Steps On Broadway and the School At Steps for 20 years, along with many summer intensives at American Ballet Theatre. Her International credits as a guest teacher have taken her around the world.

what stands out the most about roberta is her strong training system and warm up; the mathes technique which focuses on correct body alignment, building core strength and increasing flexibility. her students grow into expressive dancers and adapt well into professional roles on Broadway: Sound of Music", "Les Miserables", "Mamma Mia", "Wicked", and televised events such as "The American Music Awards", "MTV Video Awards" and the "Tonys".

to learn more about roberta, please visit her beyond the resume.